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GLENWOOD LABELS Glenwood Labels has been a manufacturer of quality custom labels and corrugated cartons for more than 40 years.
  • Laser Pharmacy Labels
    Laser Dual Web Rx Labels Glenwood Label Dual Web Laser Labels, featuring both pressure-sensitive labels, bond paper receipt and patient information sections that can be supplied for any Pharmacy software. If you do not see the format that you need in our stock laser forms, let us know. We can supply any form that you currently use or let us custom design a form specifically to your needs.

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  • Pharmacy/Prescription Labels
    Pharmacy/Prescription Labels Glenwood Labels has been a supplier of Prescription Labels for over 40 years. We have gained the experience and knowledge so supply all your needs in North America. We can supply your labels Direct Thermal, Thermal Transfer, Laser, Inkjet, Personal care home in single or double copy formats, Standard pin-feed labels or Pill pack. We use only the highest quality material to fulfill your important label needs.
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  • Hospital Labels
    Hospital Labels Glenwood Labels manufactures a large range of labels for use in Hospitals and laboratories. We understand the needs of Hospital professionals and health care staff. Our materials are carefully chosen based on the product characteristics, packaging, and how it will be used in the Hospital environment.

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  • Food Packaging Labels
    Food Packaging Labels Glenwood Labels has been providing labels to the food industry fro decades. We understand the ever-changing market and its unique requirements. We have tremendous experience determining the best fit for design and production, including application, storage and shelf visibility.

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  • Grocery Scale Labels
    Grocery Scale Labels Today's supermarket weigh-scale label is more than just a price label, today's weigh scale label has become a carrier of ingredients and safety warnings, a data collection device, a marketing tool and a provider of cooking tips and store specials.

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  • Attention Getter Labels
    Attention Getters Make an impact on your total sales… Watch shoppers GRAB your products! Attention Getters can be chosen from pre-printed, solid colours or fluorescents or plain white in different sizes. Great for colour-coding sale merchandise, identifying sizes or price. You can even hand write information on many of the sized labels.
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  • Direct Thermal Labels
    Direct Thermal Labels Glenwood is an industry leader in supplying the finest quality Thermal products to our customers in North America. We use only the highest quality paper and pressure sensitive materials. Direct thermal media does not use any kind of ink or ribbon to print. The media is coated with heat-sensitive layer that changes colour as it is exposed to the printer's printhead.

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  • Thermal Transfer Labels
    Thermal Transfer Labels Thermal transfer media is not thermally coated and will require using a ribbon that is matched with the specific material type. The ribbon is essentially melted onto the media in the pattern of your printed design. For any application that needs a long lasting (+ 1 year) and/or durable label or tag, thermal transfer media will provide the most bank for your buck.

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  • Printers and Ribbons
    Printers and Ribbons For Thermal Printing Systems we have everything you need to print your own labels in-house, on time, on demand and at a cost savings! If you are not currently printing your own basic labels, we can assist you in the proper selection of a printer, label type and size, as well as ribbon type and size. We can also assist you in a cost analysis of your current labelling system versus one of our systems.

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  • Health and Beauty Labels
    Health and Beauty Labels Glenwood has extensive experience with the specific requirements of Health, Beauty and Cosmetic labels. These labels must be resistant, durable and have visual appeal.

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  • Laser Labels
    Laser Labels Glenwood produces only high end premium stock and custom laser labels. We have many sizes available for your desktop and high speed laser printers. Our dry edge and layflat liner ensures jam-free and consistent feeding to ensure less waste for your laser sheet needs.
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  • Custom Labels
    Prime Labels Build brand presence. The quality of your products is represented by the quality of its appearance. Select from a variety of standard and custom materials, spot colours or 4 colour process to create a primary front label that will leave a positive, long-lasting impression with consumers.
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  • Graphic Design
    Graphic Design Our in-house art department has been creating graphic designs for over ten years. We can take your ideas or offer our own presentation to create the labels, and tapes you desire.

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  • Customer Service
    Customer Service We have a highly skilled sales and production staff ready to meet your needs with prompt and courteous service. Because all of our manufacturing processes are performed in-house, we are able to handle service-related issues immediately.

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